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Life at the University

Messagede oscarmoats le 17 Juil 2017, 13:53

I didn't go to a Ivy league, but I did go to a prestigious school that was twice what my father made in MS. I went to school with affluent students, who would say "come to cancun with us" and my response would be: "with what money?" I worked two jobs and I didn't get the best grades. I worked during the day for an on campus office and at night - a pool hall or security at a club. During breaks, I volunteered with nonprofit groups in Appalachia, Chicago inner cities, and Washington DC (so I had a place to go and I could eat). During the summers, I signed up to work for the camps at the university as a resident hall monitor. I got books for free because I hung out in the office buildings for the professors. My point is-- I was broke, but I made it work (AND IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE). It taught me how to be creative, resilient, and it helped me hone my problem solving skills (which I use every single day). It was (and still is) the greatest blessing of my life. I hope these young people can see that one day, and understand that those type of sacrifices and struggles will also be the key to their success beyond earning that degree.

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