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where buy wood floor

Messagede chenchen12495 le 20 Mar 2017, 06:47

<p>Net of Chinese wooden floor Net of Chinese wood floor real wood floor is the ground adornment material that forms after lumber classics drying, treatment, maintained the decorative pattern of log nature basically,wood plastic fence supply crural feeling comfortable, use safety. From drench lacquer surface craft arrived the V of the 2nd generation, craft of U chamfer surface, floors of a lot of famous brand real wood already had very tall wear-resisting to spend nowadays, tongue and groove pvc ceiling metabolic possibility also was reduced greatly. </p>
<p>Maintain of floor of hang real wood maintain should some more complex, normally floor shop is installed, had better undertake besmearing installing inside a week. Besmear contains two kinds of means, wax or paint. Wall Panel Materials Jersey According to experience, waxed means can protect a floor board more, because of candle can ooze arrives in lumber, can prevent its addle or be out of shape. The real wood floor board that new store installs had better hit candle every months. Later, it is OK to hold one season or half an comfort decking board Ge Ersen floor Friendship reminds: Unless the floor has worn away very badly, do not use solid candle otherwise. General solid candle is appropriate the real wood floor of 5 years of above, but hit enough, still use liquid candle usually. </p>
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