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of paint effect of good wood flooring

Messagede chenchen12495 le 17 Fév 2017, 08:27

In the past, export products, because of the lack of understanding of moisture control, the goods to the customer after the consumer feel satisfied with the size of the head, the middle gap is too large, assembled into the phenomenon, which to the customer to bring economic and spiritual losses, But also the company's reputation has a negative impact.
Now, the Division has strict control of the moisture content of the product, before the production, we will confirm with the customer good sales of water requirements, in order to determine the dry wood bricks. With the Secretary of the strict control of all staff and the continuous improvement of production, our customers more and more customers,walkways timber decking supplier qatar
the order volume gradually increased, and in the United States and Japan, a number of customers to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. At the same time, I Division also vigorously research and production of paint effect of good wood flooring, and design a beautiful packaging, so that customers are more willing to cooperate with our long-term.
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