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Adobe Illustrator alternatives

Messagede sarahemi le 28 Juil 2017, 12:41

hello there, I am here to discuss you about designing tools and software. We are a Logo Design Service in Dubai and have been working for 6 years in this field.
Now we have come to know that there are some other tools and software which are more optimum and precise in performance than Adobe's tools like photoshop, illustrator etc.
So we are also in search of such tools (either desktop or on the web).
Please share your brief experience or a good suggestion.
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Nouveau Plug'zien
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Re: Adobe Illustrator alternatives

Messagede AdamMilne le 18 Sep 2017, 06:13

This logo designer is good and can be alternative of Adobe Illustrator, but no one can take place of photoshop or illustrator as they are the best. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to manage these tools so we can go with this alternative designer.
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Re: Adobe Illustrator alternatives

Messagede met le 06 Déc 2017, 07:40

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