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utilities and other

Messagede well0504 le 19 Mai 2011, 10:53

From late starzmart April to June, the provincial public security authorities throughout the province organized a crackdown on cheating in the exam equipment sales use special action of illegal and criminal activities. The wholesale electronics public security organs at all levels joint industry and commerce, industry believe department of the local sales of electronic products in the market and important parts inventory, in-depth school surrounding communities comprehensive register investigations, observe article, small inn,

master, such as Internet cafes and education warning rental household and business operators and prohibit cheating in the exam equipment for sales use provide places. May 10, the public security organs and conducted codenamed "hurricane 3" centralized and unified inventory action. Five strains, declared the electronic formal operation of the original following jas u-chiu new acquisitions restructuring officially completed. "We will eventually realize invest 1 billion tablet pc yuan", the officials say, has completed eight million yuan investment in new equipment mainly flower buys and utilities and other infrastructure repair. Since more than three years, the original production, new many equipments have aging, hydropower facilities also basic deserted. "Just cleaning is spent more than two months".Original facilities for factory in the meanwhile, update from five continents group headquarters in part of the top also quietly garrison, wuzhou group President CaiZhiHao also a heart rush toward on dongguan.

"This factory, shenzhen headquarters after production move namely start," the official said that moving project including operational headquarters, financial center, marketing center and logistics center, move after finishing, wuzhou group will be formed in dongguan, shenzhen, meizhou three android ebook reader production base strategic layout, dongguan will mainly responsible for production of HDI plate and soft board and other high-end products, shenzhen will mainly produces produce multilayer prototypes and special board, meizhou will mainly responsible for production communications mobile board.
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Re: utilities and other

Messagede jike63 le 18 Oct 2017, 01:48

I think it is really interesting information

official source
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Re: utilities and other

Messagede met le 06 Déc 2017, 07:39

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