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The Award Winning Gym Now In Your Neighborhood

Messagede ashishhgupta le 12 Sep 2017, 12:22

In our everyday complex life we tend to ignore the basic way to keep ourselves fit, but there are several ways, for instance you can join a gym and be a part of a fitness army and before hitting the gym we always come up with the motto to stay fit. It is this same motto that is observed by Gold’s gym.

Gold’s gym is regarded as one of the benchmark when it comes to gym experience. We have spread our wings across India and immediately it was recognized as one of the Best Gym In India. Gold’s gym is designed with state of the art advanced equipment and in order to enhance your gym experience, we have some of the best trained professionals thus making us one of the best fitness experts in India.

The Most Awards Winning Gym:
Gold’s gym came to India in the year 2002 ever since it grew up in large number. It bagged several awards and recognitions for its excellence and performance. Gold’s gym became the most recognizable brand among the fitness experts. The Gold’s gym in Delhi NCR region bagged lots of award; the Gold’s gym in sector 14 Gurgaon was awarded with presale amongst all Gold’s gym in Gurgaon, was also awarded with best services in India and then bagged the best gym in Delhi NCR in the year 2013. The consistent service, high end facilities and top class training programs proved it to be one of the best gyms. And thus it also bagged number one position among Top 10 Gyms in Gurgaon.

The sector 43 Gold’s gym won some of the best and recognized awards like the best new gym in India in the year 2014 and even bagged the 2nd best gym in the world. The Gold’s gym in Delhi NCR region was awarded with so many accolades that it made itself stand out of the crowd and made as a shining example. What are you waiting for, sign up and get ready to pumped up with one of the best fitness experts in India.
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